Helpful ConfigMgr Tools

Figured a good start for this blog, would be to list some of the common tools I use quite often to troubleshoot and accomplish various things in my environment with System Center Configuration Manager.

  1.  Now Micro Recast RCT (Right Click Tools)
    1. These are extremely helpful for performing many different functions on your client computers / collections with a simple right click menu.  Their is both a free and enterprise version.  The enterprise adds some extra functionality such as a mobile app that allows you to do many tasks on the go.
  2. ConfigMgr Deployment Reporter
    1. Useful tool for getting more detailed information on your deployments to see what succeeded / failed without having to query SQL yourself.  Also creates nice little reports / graphs.
  3. ConfigMgr Remote Compliance
    1. Used to get information about Compliance baselines on machines, for troubleshooting and such.
  4. ConfigMgr Task Sequence Monitor
    1. Updated status of running / previously ran task sequences, where you can see what step they are on, if they completed successfully, or if they error-ed at what step.  Helpful for monitoring OS Deployments.
  5. System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Toolkit
    1. Collection of tools for monitoring various parts of ConfigMgr.  Couple of the handy tools are DP Job Manager which will show you information about currently distributing packages so you can monitor them.  Content Library tool allows you to see the various content on your DP’s good to see if content got updated.
  6. Client Center for Configuration Manager
    1. Tool for viewing a lot of information about a client remotely, you can connect to a remote machine and get various information about its ConfigMgr status, and also force things to happen on the client, such as software scans and deployments.
  7. Powershell App Deploy Toolkit
    1. Used to create customized application deployments with powershell, that will allow a user to defer the installation a number of times that you specify and also show status during the install.  Also handles pre and post tasks on the installs for removal of previous software or settings.
  8. CMTrace
    1. This one is pretty basic, a very nice log viewer for looking at ConfigMgr logs, it is located on your site server.  I personally copy it into my base images so that its available on every machine that gets deployed to make the technicians job easier when troubleshooting.

I am sure there are more that I am not thinking of currently but these are some of the tops ones I use almost daily for various tasks, hopefully this will be helpful to someone else.

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